What our families have to say

  • “Our son is growing both physically and mentally, gaining self-esteem, self-control and responsibility to name a few.  He says Karate is more important to him than soccer, football, baseball and basketball combined.  Thank you!” 5/11/16
  • “I like that US-AMA builds and strengthens the ability to focus.  It also teaches the kids about goals and accomplishments.” 5/10/16
  • “I like that the instructor is a fine mentor and example of what is possible for the students.” 4/28/16
  • “I like the instruction on respect and behavior as well as the physical training.” 4/27/16
  • “I love the instructors!” 5/19/16
  • “I like the respect and friendliness shown by all the staff and the self-control and respect expected from students.” 6/2/16
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