Here are some recent comments from our student’s parents regarding their experience at the US Academy of Martial Arts:

“I appreciate that fact that we have day/time options. Life is busy and it is nice that we have some flexibility.” 2/11/16
“I appreciate Sensei’s commitment to each student.” 2/10/16
“US-AMA has a great teaching style.” 2/10/16
“My son is a better listener and is more patient.” 2/9/16
“I am very happy with the program. I’m glad my kids are part of it.” 2/7/16
“I like how US-AMA teaches kids physical skills, mental skills and character.” 1/23/16
“I like the approach of teaching discipline and self-control.” 1/18/16
“I like how the program builds confidence.” 1/23/16
“I like the synergy of instructing self-defense, respect and patience.” 1/7/16
“I like that my son is leaning life skills.” 1/17/16
“I like the way Sensei works with the kids.” 1/7/16
“My son enjoys going and Sensei Dan is very nice.”1/12/16
“My son is enjoying the classes and is starting to feel better about himself.” 12/18/15
“I like Sensei’s ability to communicate at an appropriate level for children and inspire my son to achieve his best.” 1/7/16
“Thanks for providing a positive environment for young people.” 1/6/16
“US-AMA builds confidence, empowers my daughter to be confident and strong.” 12/6/15
“US-AMA motivates my son to be disciplined and be a better person.” 12/7/15
“My son is gaining self-esteem, learns a lot while having fun. He is also controlling himself better and he has become more responsible.” 1/6/16
“I like the consistent, wonderful guidance! Everything is fantastic.” 12/12/15
“I like Sensei Dan, and the fact that US-AMA has multiple martial arts styles.” 2/14/16
“I like the availability of the dojo and opportunities for extra classes.” 2/18/16
“I like that US-AMA teaches students respect for self and others.” 2/16/16
“I like the traditional approach, focusing on the philosophies of martial arts as well as technique.” 2/11/16

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