Congratulations! By enrolling in the US Academy of Martial Arts, Inc. you are now part of one of the finest Martial Arts Academy’s in the nation. On behalf of our entire dojo family I wish to officially welcome you to our academy. It is both a pleasure and an honor to assist you in becoming a true martial artist.

When beginning any fitness program, we strongly recommend that you consult your physician to ensure that you are aware of any restrictions in physical activity your physician may advise.

What sets us apart from the rest is our eclectic approach to learning the best each style has to offer. We have designed our Pee Wee and Fundamentals courses to take you from novice to a proficient martial artists, well versed in six major martial arts styles from around the world.

Studying only one martial art is no longer sufficient in today’s world. There are too many different self-defense situations each one of us must have skills. Fortunately, each martial art that we train specializes in one of these aspects.

Our Pee Wee and Fundamentals programs are a mix of 13 (striking) lessons, 13 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu lessons (grappling), 2 Kung Fu/Trapping lessons (close range) 1 Taekwondo lesson (long range kicking), 1 Kickboxing lesson (pad work), 1 Aikido lesson (joint locking) and 1 Judo lesson (take-downs). Each lesson is captured and the video is posted to our website’s online training portal allowing students to preview and/or review each lesson to help master each lesson faster.

As you develop skill and knowledge you will be promoted in belt rank starting from white belt through the next three belt ranks (orange and both purple belts). Once you master the Pee Wee or Fundamentals program you will be invited to advance to the next class level (Pee Wees graduate to Fundamentals, and Fundamentals graduate to Advanced).

Train diligently and hard. You will receive back only in proportion to what you put in. We are sure you will find your experience with us very rewarding.

I wish you success in your training and look forward to the opportunity to work with you to meet your goals.


Sensei Dainiel Cavaliere
Founding Director
US Academy of Martial Arts, Inc.

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