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Karate for Movement (Ages 65-85)

Classes are held on Mondays & Wednesdays 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Designed for those with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, but beneficial for anyone to enjoy low impact, movement based exercise with a martial arts flavor. Classes are now forming. Register for our 2-Week Trial today! Uniform & belt are not required.

The Problem:

As you age, you experience movement capability setbacks.  Events such as natural aging, prior injuries, falling, disease and an increased sedentary lifestyle, chip away at your quality of life.

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The Solution:

The Karate for Movement program, for people ages 65-85 years, develops the entire body by training through a wide range of motion.  Activities  are modified from various martial arts, such as karate, to help you fight for a better quality of life by increasing your Safe Movement Zone.

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We define the Safe Movement Zone as 80% of your movement potential.  As you move through the world without excessive speed or resistance, and stay within 80% of your movement potential, you are very safe – you have a margin between your activity and an accident.  However, with age, your movement potential decreases, thus your Safe Movement Zone also decreases.  The Karate for Movement program will help you fight back against reductions in your Safe Movement Zone and even help you increase it!

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The results have been amazing. We love hearing the stories from participants and their physicians of how their lives have improved due to their participation in the US Academy of Martial Arts, Inc, Karate for Movement program.

“My balance hasn’t been this good in years!” – Mike K.

“Dan, this is amazing. Couldn’t be better. Fluidity, range of motion, balance, stability, inner calm – everything a patient with Parkinson’s Disease needs!!”   – Dr. Brent Bluett, DO Neurology Specialist in Pismo Beach

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