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6 Martial Arts – All Under One Roof




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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu



Kung Fu / Trapping


Fundamentals (Kids and Adults) - Beginner Program (32 Lessons)

Our Fundamentals is a fun and cooperative way to learn 32 essential lessons which build a strong foundation in different martial arts from around the world. 


Studying only one martial art is no longer sufficient in today’s world.  There are too many different self-defense situations each one of us must have skills.  Fortunately, each martial art that we study specializes in one of these aspects. 


The Fundamentals program is a mix of 13 Karate (striking) lessons, 13 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu lessons (Grappling), 2 Kung Fu / Trapping lessons (Close Range), 1 Taekwondo lesson (Long Range Kicking), 1 Kickboxing lesson (Pad Work), 1 Aikido lesson (Joint Locking), and 1 Judo lesson (Take-downs).  Each Fundamentals course is captured and the video is posted to our online training portal allowing students to understand and master each lesson.


As you develop skill and knowledge you will be promoted in belt rank from white belt through the next three belt ranks (orange and both purple belts).  Once you master the Fundamentals program you will be invited to test for your Green belt with a white stripe and when successful will be accepted into the Advanced Class.


We offer both a kids (8-14 years) and adult version of the Fundamentals program.


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Advanced Program - (181 Lessons)

The advanced curriculum is organized into chapters (modules) based upon the martial arts style we are focused on at the time.  Each module is covered systematically, progressing each day until the module is complete.  Upon completion of the module we designate a day to pressure test those skills with live sparring and simulation drills.  Next, a new module will begin with a different martial art style and the process of systematic learning and pressure testing continues through black belt.


Our Advanced Program includes in depth lessons and pressure testing.  Think of this program as lecture and lab where the lecture explains and demonstrates the techniques and the lab is where the technique can be tested in live sparring and simulation drills.


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Pee Wee Program - 5-7 Years Old (32 Lessons)

Our kids classes are second to none!  The Pee Wee program is a fun way to build the skills needed to easily and successfully transfer into the Fundamentals class.  The 32 lessons are mini lessons from the Fundamentals class full of fun stories, drills and games.


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Black Belt Program

The martial arts skill and knowledge does not end at black belt much like learning does not stop after a college undergraduate degree.  Just like an undergraduate can go on to specialize and earn Masters and Doctorate degrees a black belt at the US Academy of Martial Arts dives deeper into a martial art specialty.


For example, once you master the Fundamentals and Advanced curriculum and have discovered the techniques that work best for you in live sparring and simulation drills and earn your black belt you will begin the next step of your journey by focusing much of your study on the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  Each Black Belt degree has a specific curriculum to help the Black Belt continue to specialize and grow.


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Longevity Program

The Longevity Program is designed for individuals who want to learn martial arts but cannot afford even the slightest risk of injury.  Activities like sparring and take-downs are not required for those participating in the Longevity program.  This program follows the same curriculum as the Fundamentals and Advanced programs but is modified so that the participants have other training options to replace live sparring and take-downs.  This program devotes more time to training karate forms.


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