Advanced Programs

Advanced Programs

The Black Belt Academy is an advanced program designed for those who have earned a black belt (Shodan Rank) under the United States Academy of Martial Arts and want to pursue advancement in the black belt ranks.  Black Belt Academy Members are some of the highest level martial artists and their advanced training is sure to be both challenging and rewarding.



Private Lessons

Private lessons can improve your progression two to three times faster than taking group classes alone. Group lessons are beneficial because they allow you to see how different people of different sizes and temperament react to situations and techniques.  The ideal program will include both group lessons and private lessons.  Check with us for assistance in developing a personalized training program that utilizes the best of both worlds.

Team Ichiban Program




Team Ichiban programs are invitational teams that provide high level students with the most advanced training and an outlet for those with a competitive drive.




Team Ippon members participate in advanced training to prepare for (Kumite) karate point sparring competition.




Team Extreme members participate in weapons training.  Both traditional weapons forms and non-traditional weapons forms are emphasized.




Team Edge members train in martial arts agility to improve the attributes that make a skilled martial artist.




Team Warrior specializes in (Kata) martial arts forms.  Members train and prepare to compete in tournament competition.




Team Sprawl trains to compete in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and submission grappling.


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