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Adult Programs

Feel a great sense of pride as you work you way towards earning a black belt at the United States Academy of Martial Arts.  This rewarding journey will introduce you to a unique approach of martial arts instruction.

US-AMA offers a diverse curriculum, exposing each student to a variety of martial arts disciplines from around the world.  While our base style is Karate, other great arts such as Aikido, Jiu-jitsu, Judo, Kung-Fu and Taekwondo are introduced providing each students with a wealth of knowledge and the ability to have success in a variety of self-defense situations.

Most martial arts styles emphasize techniques from one particular range (the distance between opponents).  A martial art usually consist of one or two of the following ranges: kicking range (long range), punching range (mid range), trapping range and grappling range.  While most arts touch on all ranges of self-defense, each discipline tends to have one range in which they specialize.


Karate – Specializes in mid-range, blocking, punching and kicking

Aikido – A soft style utilizing blending and harmonizing techniques to re-direct the attacker’s energy and use their aggression against themselves

Judo – Focuses on close range to execute throws, sweeps and grappling techniques

Jiu-jitsu – Specializes in takedowns, grappling and submission techniques

Kung-Fu – A very diverse martial art.  At US-AMA, we utilize Kung Fu models that specialize in trapping range. (The range between punching and grappling)

Taekwondo – Specializes long range by utilizing dynamic kicking such as jumping and spinning kicks

The blending of styles provides US-AMA students with an unlimited resource of effective techniques. Rather than molding the student into one particular style, US-AMA has designed training programs that maximize the abilities and potential of each student.