Notes from our students this month!

Here are some of the notes we received from our students/families this month!  What a rewarding career!

“Our son exhibits increased confidence and self-control plus the lessons he learns at US-AMA reinforce the values taught at our home.” 9/1/14
“I like the respect & integrity that is applies across the board.” 9/3/14
“My daughter’s self-confidence has really grown!” 9/2/14
“We are very thankful for all you do.” 9/4/14
“We say it again and again, we love EVERYTHING!!!  The total package: the well rounded and unique blend of curriculum that fosters respect & accountability in & out of the dojo, the skilled and talented instructors who excel at imparting knowledge to all levels and their abilities to make it fun as well!” 9/5/14
“We like the discipline and focus on control.” 9/8/14
“We love everything!” 9/2/14
“I love the life lessons US-AMA teaches.” 9/15/14
“US-AMA teaches my son confidence and holds him responsible for his behavior.” 9/11/14
“We like the discipline, and respect of yourself and others.” 8/27/14
“We like the positive environment.” 9/15/14
“We love the character traits!!” 9/13/14
“Wow, I am so proud of my son.  He is doing awesome. Thank you for everything you do and how you do it.  I am grateful he found you and your dojo.” 9/9/14
“I like the continuing growth my son has shown.” 9/3/14
“We like the consistency and approach in teaching the kids.  We love the direction of the program. Your are doing a great job!” 9/15/14
“Sensei Dan is amazing with the kids. He treats them with respect and has great patience while still constantly teaching.” 8/7/14
“I like that US-AMA is teaching children about accountability and respect regardless of place and situation.” 9/10/14

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