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Sensei Daniel Cavaliere

Sensei Daniel Cavaliere is the chief instructor in San Luis Obispo’s United States Academy of Martial Arts and has been training in martial arts since 1986.

He is known in San Luis Obispo for his ability to take beginners and guide them to greatness.

Sensei Daniel Cavaliere is a talented instructor who makes learning fun as well as challenging. Students will leave each class with a greater understanding of martial arts while at the same time looking forward to coming back for another fun, dynamic class.


Registered Black Belts

Sandan (3rd Degree)

  • Drew Fischer
  • John Adema
  • Aravinth Ruppa

Nidan (2nd Degree)

  • Karl Linsteadt
  • Mick Frost

Shodan (1st Degree)

  • Mike McKibben
  • Hank Adema
  • Jonny Hayes (Jr.)
  • Jarrod Hayes (Jr.)
  • Branden Dolezal (Jr.)
  • Jack Kaiser (Jr)
  • Chase Doyle (Jr.)
  • Sophie Adema
  • Nic Peterson
  • Taya Ambrose (Jr.)
  • Kiara Ambrose (Jr.)
  • Jaden Taylor (Jr.)
  • Nicholas Purcell (Jr.)
  • Helen Ringley (Jr.)
  • Gus Ringley (Jr.)
  • Wes Morgan (Jr.)