Happy for Vicki!

As many of you already know, many wonderful things are happening for Vicki, our long time office manager. We are truly celebrating with her; namely, the marriage to her fiancé Luis, the anticipation of their new baby, and the building their new home in Atascadero.

As you could imagine, Vicki has been reducing her time in the US-AMA office with the goal of phasing out of that roll towards the end of this month – March 2015. Because we rely on her tremendously, she has agreed to occasionally check in with us after March to help us transition without her.

I know we will all miss seeing her on a regular basis as she has been much more to all of us than an “office manager”. To me, she is a great friend, encourager, and advocate. She continually looks out for our students and their families and assists us in reaching out to help in a variety of ways. For both her and me, working here has not been about a “J-O-B” but about making a real impact on our students and their families. Countless times she has gone above and beyond, donating her own time and money to reach out and help where she has seen a need.

I cannot speak highly enough about Vicki. I truly wish Vicki, her husband Luis, and their family the most happiness and success as they transition into this next phase of their lives.

Join us the next couple weeks in wishing her well! And, for those who wish to participate with their baby registry, they have registered at target. You can click here.

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