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News from US-AMA

New US Academy of Martial Arts Dojo in San Luis Obispo

We are excited to have moved in to our new dojo location -directly across the parking lot at 36 Zaca Lane. This move has provided us the opportunity to build a more custom dojo to suit our training needs.  We now have a ground level location with a custom seamless matted floor covering nearly 2,000 square feet of training floor, giant mirrors, custom built cubbies for storage, a changing room …Read More

What our families have to say

“Our son is growing both physically and mentally, gaining self-esteem, self-control and responsibility to name a few.  He says Karate is more important to him than soccer, football, baseball and basketball combined.  Thank you!” 5/11/16 “I like that US-AMA builds and strengthens the ability to focus.  It also teaches the kids about goals and accomplishments.” 5/10/16 “I like that the instructor is a fine mentor and example of what is …Read More

Do hard things!

Martial arts is not s retail business. We don’t sell belts. We sell the skills needed to accomplish difficult things. We provide an atmosphere where students do hard things. We sell the opportunity to face difficulties and overcome.

Tests are fun when you know the answers!

What if you knew what errors were the most common on belt tests?  If you knew, you could be pro-active and study these areas thoroughly – helping you to pass with flying colors! Good news! We have been collecting data from belt tests and have this new chart showing the most common errors students make on belt tests.  Take a look, print out a copy, visit your online media account …Read More

New instructor joining our team

Please join us in welcoming Sempai Sophie to our staff!  She will be working with Sensei primarily to bolster up our pee  wee and beginning kids classes.  She has been training with us since 2005 and is regarded as one of the students favorite sempais.  We are excited for her future here (as her next belt rank will be black belt) and to have her join our teaching team!

Secret martial arts training tip: What if you…

What if… What if, somehow, you were the only one who knew ahead of time what lesson would be taught at the dojo later that day… and… you logged in to your US-AMA online media account and reviewed that lesson on your smart phone before class.  Do you think that would help you perform at a high level during class and increase the chances you would progress faster…?   (Visit …Read More


Here are some recent comments from our student’s parents regarding their experience at the US Academy of Martial Arts: “I appreciate that fact that we have day/time options. Life is busy and it is nice that we have some flexibility.” 2/11/16 “I appreciate Sensei’s commitment to each student.” 2/10/16 “US-AMA has a great teaching style.” 2/10/16 “My son is a better listener and is more patient.” 2/9/16 “I am very …Read More