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Located in San Luis Obispo, CA, the US Academy of Martial Arts Inc. is unique in its approach to teaching martial Arts. We teach martial arts systems from around the world such as Karate, Kung-Fu, Aikido, Tae-Kwon-Do, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, developing a complete style that takes the best of each and is effective and fun to learn at any skill level, ability or age. The blending of the styles provides US-AMA students in San Luis Obispo with a tremendous resource of effective techniques. Rather than molding the student into one particular style, US-AMA has training programs that maximize the abilities and potential of each student.

Our super clean, family style dojo is located at the end of Zaca Lane across the parking lot from Central Coast Gymnastics.  Stop by and visit with us, watch a class, and take a look at our new, state-of-the-art dojo!

Here is the latest of what our students and parents have to say:

“I like that our son truly exhibits his character traits with the pressures that come with high school.  We are happy to see him use them.  We have had many conversations about pressures of school and those at the dojo.  One conversation ended with ‘Mom, don’t worry about the influence of others, I’m on my own path.’” 8/17

“We love the positive modelling and encouragement.  Keep up the wonderful mentoring!” 8/17

“I like the variety and quality of instruction.” 8/17

“I like that the program teaches character traits by lecture and action.  This has helped with being a student at middle school.  The service has been excellent.” 8/17

“I like that the attitude of my son has gotten 100% better.  He helps a lot more, he respects peoples boundaries more, and he is a lot more patient.” 8/17

“I like the emphasis on character development as an essential element of proper physical development is absolutely wonderful!  Thank you!” 8/17

“I was hesitant about enrolling my son in a mixed martial arts program.  We were going to enroll him in Aikido since it is known as a peaceful martial art.  Just before we enrolled him in Aikido, he was invited to your dojo.  We checked out both dojos but he strongly preferred yours because you explained the application of the moves you worked on.  He continues to enjoy learning the purpose for what he is learning and loves being a part of your dojo!  I love the emphasis on character and the fact that you openly discuss this with students and model it yourself.”  8/17

“I like the boosting of my daughters confidence and learning how to apply quality character traits to all situations in life. We appreciate you support and encouragement!” 3/13/17

“I like the patience shown to the kids and the upbeat attitude.” 3/7/17

“I like that Sensei is concerned about developing character and not just focused on performance.” 2/28/17

“I like Sensei Dan’s teaching the history behind certain moves in the various martial arts and the positive teaching style.” 2/21/17

“I love the high standard you hold the kids to!” 2/19/17

“We like Sensei Dan’s encouraging, positive manner.  You guys are awesome.  Thank you!” 2/16/17

Meet Our Staff

Sensei Daniel Cavaliere is a talented instructor who has been teaching martial arts in San Luis Obispo for over a decade.  He makes learning fun as well as challenging.  All instructors are gentle with beginners and have developed a culture of respect and courtesy for one another.  At the US Academy of Martial Arts, adult classes and kid classes will have students leaving with a greater understanding of martial arts while at the same time looking forward to coming back for another fun, dynamic class.
































































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Dojo News

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