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Located in San Luis Obispo, CA, the US Academy of Martial Arts is unique in its approach to teaching martial Arts. We have adapted and refined styles from around the world such as Karate, Kung-Fu, Aikido, Tae-Kwon-Do, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, developing a solid style that takes the best of each system and is effective and easy to learn at any age, ability or skill level. The blending of the styles provides US-AMA students in San Luis Obispo with an unlimited resource of effective techniques. Rather than molding the student into one particular style, US-AMA has designed training programs that maximize the abilities and potential of each student.

Here is the latest of what our students and parents have to say:

“We like the focus and character traits – plus, the Sensei is outstanding with the students.” 7/28/16


“I like the commitment to excellence.” 7/26/16

“The program encourages discipline, follow-through, strength, self-control and self-esteem.” 7/18/16

“Overall, we appreciate the positive influence the dojo has provided our son.  There are a lot of good kids and parents involved.  Our son has learned much and continues to grow. 7/7/16

“I like the engaging, yet (serious) fun environment.” 7/26/16

“We like the character traits, the program, and the way Sensei leads each student through their journey to black belt.” 7/4/16

“Your program reinforces the importance of treating one another with respect. It gives healthy role models (Sempais) while inspiring kids to work hard in hopes of one day earning that responsibility themselves.” 9/1/16

“I like that all the students support each other.  It’s an individual goal for each kid, but they are still part of a team.” 9/1/16

“I love how much my son loves attending and the standard Sensei holds the kids to.” 9/14/16

“I like the positive learning environment with rigorous requirements.” 9/13/16

“I like that character traits are valued as much as the skills they are learning.” 9/19/16

“I like the teaching of character traits.  Seems like a lost art in today’s society.” 9/21/16

Meet Our Staff

Sensei Daniel Cavaliere is a talented instructor who has been teaching martial arts in San Luis Obispo for over a decade.  He makes learning fun as well as challenging.  At the US Academy of Martial Arts, adult classes and kid classes will have students leaving with a greater understanding of martial arts while at the same time looking forward to coming back for another fun, dynamic class.

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Dojo News

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